Ph.D. Job Candidates

Ph.D. Candidates and Ph.D.s Available for Positions in Summer 2015

This web page contains information on Northwestern Ph.D. students from the Department of Economics and the Kellogg School of Management who are seeking jobs for the next academic year.

Professor Matthias Doepke, the Placement Director can convey additional information on individual candidates on or after November 5th. He can be contacted by phone at (847) 491-8207 or by email at

You can also contact the candidates or their committee chairs directly. In addition to the links to Email addresses, telephone numbers are contained in each vita.

If you require a packet of materials on a candidate, which includes their vita, paper and recommendation letters, contact the Placement Secretary, Scott Zacher, on (847) 467-7263 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Time or by email at

Alphabetical Listing

Department of Economics Candidates

Ofer Cohen (Behavioral Economics, Development Economics)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Cynthia Kinnan (Committee Chair), Lori Beaman, Lee Lockwood, Marciano Siniscalchi

Bridget Hoffmann (Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Seema Jayachandran (Committee Chair), Lori Beaman, Cynthia Kinnan

Christopher Lau (Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Education)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Aviv Nevo (Committee Co-Chair), Jonathan Guryan (Committee Co-Chair), Lori Beaman

Jorge Lemus (Industrial Organization)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Michael Whinston (Committee Chair), Jeffrey Ely, Benjamin Jones, William Rogerson

Matteo Li Bergolis (Macroeconomics, Labor Economics)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Guido Lorenzoni (Committee Chair), Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum

Brian O'Quinn (Macroeconomics)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Giorgio Primiceri (Committee Chair), Lawrence Christiano, Guido Lorenzoni

David Ovadia (Microeconomic Theory)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Rakesh Vohra (Committee Chair), James Schummer, Ron Siegel

Esteban Petruzzello (Industrial Organization, Economics of Healthcare)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Aviv Nevo (Committee Chair), Igal Hendel, Eric Schulz (teaching reference), Mark Witte (teaching reference)

Juan D. Prada (Macroeconomics)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Guido Lorenzoni (Committee Chair), Matthias Doepke, Martin Eichenbaum

Mikhail Safronov (Microeconomic Theory)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Wojciech Olszewski (Committee Chair), Jeffrey Ely, Bruno Strulovici

Shruti Sinha (Econometrics)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Elie Tamer (Committee Co-Chair), Ivan Canay (Committee Co-Chair), Alexander Torgovitsky

Emil Temnyalov (Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Jeffrey Ely (Committee Chair), David Besanko, William Rogerson, Asher Wolinsky

Anthony Wray (Economic History, Economics of Healthcare)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair), David Dranove, Joseph Ferrie

Ludovico Zaraga (Economic History, International Trade)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair), Treb Allen, Giorgio Primiceri

Kellogg School of Management Candidates

R. Andrew Butters (Industrial Organization)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Meghan Busse (Committee Co-Chair), Michael Mazzeo (Committee Co-Chair), Daniel Spulber

Yasin Ozcan (Industrial Organization)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Shane Greenstein (Committee Chair), Benjamin Jones, Dimitris Papanikolaou

Luciano Pomatto (Microeconomic Theory)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Alvaro Sandroni (Committee Chair), Nabil Al-Najjar, Marciano Siniscalchi

Weifeng Zhong (Macroeconomics, Political Economy)
[E-mail] [Vita] [Web Page]
References: Matthias Doepke (Committee Chair), Lawrence Christiano, Nicola Persico

Listing by Field

Applied Microeconomics Bridget Hoffmann
Christopher Lau
Behavioral Economics Ofer Cohen
Development Economics Ofer Cohen
Bridget Hoffmann
Econometrics Shruti Sinha
Economic History Anthony Wray
Ludovico Zaraga
Economics of Education Christopher Lau
Economics of Healthcare Esteban Petruzzello
Anthony Wray
Industrial Organization R. Andrew Butters
Jorge Lemus
Yasin Ozcan
Esteban Petruzzello
Emil Temnyalov
International Trade Ludovico Zaraga
Labor Economics Matteo Li Bergolis
Macroeconomics Matteo Li Bergolis
Brian O'Quinn
Juan D. Prada
Weifeng Zhong
Microeconomic Theory David Ovadia
Luciano Pomatto
Mikhail Safronov
Emil Temnyalov
Political Economy Weifeng Zhong


November 17, 2014